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Through the years, I’ve created a few (child) themes and plugins for WordPress. Some of them are described below, and more will surely follow.

Share on Mastodon

Automatically share posts on Mastodon. You choose which Post Types are shared—though sharing can still be disabled on a per-post basis.

Sync OPML to Blogroll

Keep your WordPress blogroll—yes, blogrolls are still around!—in sync with your feed reader’s OPML endpoint. (Will also re-enable the trusty Links Manager, hidden since version 3.5.)

Import Bookmarks

Export your browser bookmarks and import them right into WordPress, using Import Bookmarks. Supports Post Formats and Custom Post Types, and is meant to help curate a linklog, really.

Add Fediverse Icons to Jetpack

Add missing Fediverse icons to Jetpack-powered ‘social menus’ on your WordPress site.

Post Format Filter 2

Looking for a way to filter posts on the WP Admin Posts Screen by Post Format, I created a dead-simple, modern WordPress plugin that allows exactly that.

Lightweight Fancybox

This tiny plugin came to light back when I got somewhat frustrated with Jetpack’s ‘Carousel’ module. For it to do its thing—add a simple ‘lightbox’ effect to single images and galleries alike—make sure image links point to the full-size image file. Captions are taken from the image’s alt attribute. Additional styling should be covered by your theme—the default styles work just fine, though.

Recent Tweets

I found most Twitter widgets for WordPress were either outdated or complete overkill. Some of the simplest plugins wouldn’t even use proper caching.

This plugin:

The source (and an installable zip file) can be found on GitHub.

Twikey Payment Gateway for WooCommerce (Subscriptions)

Lets WooCommerce customers check out using a recurring payment mandate (through Twikey). A mandate is signed online using an eID or debit card.

Future orders (if paid for through Twikey) will not need an additional signature, and renewal payments for WooCommerce Subscriptions will be handled 100% automatically.

The source (and an installable zip file) can be found on GitHub.