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Bookmarked: “But I’ve got nothing to hide.” …


“But I’ve got nothing to hide.”

The development of ToTok, experts said, showed that the [governments of Persian Gulf nations like Saudi Arabia, the Emirates and Qatar] can cut out the intermediary to spy directly on their targets, who voluntarily, if unwittingly, hand over their information.

It Seemed Like a Popular Chat App. It’s Secretly a Spy Tool.

Reposted: “It’s incredible how much negligence, …


It’s incredible how much negligence, bad decision-making, & in this case, loss of life that it takes to get fired when you’re a CEO of a big American company. Whereas, if you’re a low-level employee & you’re late like 3 times or do a bad tweet, you’re gone

Boeing Fires C.E.O. Dennis Muilenburg

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Carbon tax is literally the market solution. There is an externality and it’s not priced in. A carbon tax, like all pigouvian taxes, prices the social cost in, not having one is effectively a subsidy paid for by those bearing the social cost of the externality.

Impérialo-Macrono-Georgiste🇭🇰 (@RapidoPC)

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Zac Goldsmith, what a story. Son of humble billionaire, at 23 made editor of a magazine (owned by his uncle), gets Tory nom for leafy London seat at 32, loses the seat twice in 3 years, (also losing London mayoral race). Elevated to the House of Lords. Truly, the British dream.

Nick Hilton (@nickfthilton)