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Owning My Own Content

On owning his own content, Tim writes: Instead of posting to Twitter directly, I want to use my site as the hub for that content and let Twitter feed off of that. Of note as well: the great Jeremy Keith explains how his personal site interacts with the rest of the web. Read more →


So, I’ve decided to move things around a bit. From now on, this very site will be where I write about web development (and a few other things). My slightly more professional, client-facing website will continue to exist, too, but it’ll be geared toward a less tech-savvy audience. I think this approach—two ‘somewhat niche’ sites rather than one that tries to be everything—will make for a much improved visitor experience. Read more →


Meta Box’s MB Relationships—inspired by the very popular Posts 2 Posts—is a plugin that brings many-to-many relationships to WordPress, for when custom taxonomies (much like categories and tags) simply aren’t enough. Read more →