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Hi there! I’m Jan, a thirtysomething mechanical engineer, amateur guitarist, and web standards, WordPress and Laravel enthusiast from Belgium, and this is my personal blog.

Questions? Please get in touch!

About This Site

This site is powered by a somewhat unusual pairing of Laravel (the world’s most popular PHP framework) and WordPress (the world’s most popular CMS).

The front end is fully responsive and uses very little, hand-crafted CSS. Only one tiny bit of JavaScript is used: highlight.js, which helps style all of the code snippets around here. That’s right: no build process whatsoever.

Web fonts are served from this domain rather than, e.g., Google Fonts.

Each page is cached—and the cache cleared once a day and on every change—to static HTML for the fastest possible page load times.

Copies of most notes are automatically posted to Mastodon—other social media services may follow.

RSS and Microformats

This blog is all about the open web, and standards. RSS, despite Google Reader’s 2013 death, is one such standard. The following feeds are available by default.

At the same time, all articles and notes—short, titleless status updates—are marked up using microformats2, for easy parsing by Webmention and Microsub clients alike.

Heck, you could use a service like Granary to convert microformatted entries anywhere on this site into RSS your preferred feed reader will gladly accept! Think likes or (notes that are) bookmarks.

That’s right, quite a few notes (and very few articles) happen to also be bookmarks, reposts, quotes or replies, and may be displayed as such by microformats2-compatible software.

Comments and Webmentions

I don’t intend to ever add a comment form below articles, but webmentions are already supported. Additionally, notes that are crossposted—POSSE’d—to Mastodon can be replied to over there. Those replies may then appear on this site as well.



This site uses up to three functional cookies, e.g., to prevent CSRF attacks.


Hoping to gain some insight into the ways visitors navigate this website, I’ve recently started experimenting with Matomo, a self-hosted, open-source alternative to Google Analytics. Collected data is never shared with any third party and deleted after 3 months, and aggregated reports after 1 year. IP addresses are anonymized by masking the last two bytes.

Webmention and Aggregated Content

Replies, using the Webmention protocol, to content on this site may be linked to or displayed in part or in full. I’ll occasionally pull in replies to notes that were crossposted to Mastodon, too, a rather common practice on IndieWeb sites. Whilst all of these statuses are already public—and most of them mine, if I’m being honest—if you’re concerned about having one of your toots published on my blog, let me know.