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Speed Up WordPress Using Page Caching and Cron

WP Super Cache has been my go-to caching plugin for the longest time. Its interface is simple, and the combination of its expert mode—bypassing PHP altogether on cached pages—and preloading function speeds up WordPress sites a lot. Replace WP-Cron by an Actual Cron Job Avoiding WP-Cron calls on random page loads by setting up a real Linux cron job isn’t hard. The first step involves editing wp-config.php by adding the following line: define('DISABLE_WP_CRON', true); Then, via S… Read more →


For quite some time now, ThemeShaper—now part of Automattic—has been my reference of all things WordPress themes. I’ve built a number of child themes on top of their themes and will likely continue to do so. Current favorites are Cerauno, Sela and Karuna. I don’t care much if they’re called magazine or business style, either. Using CSS and very few PHP template files, I find myself able to turn these themes into almost anything. All these themes are based on the Und… Read more →

Automatically Update WordPress Plugins

Update: nowaydays, the more obvious solution is to make sure WP-CLI’s installed and then run wp plugin update --all regularly, as a cron job. Using Jetpack, Of Course! All it takes, after installing the plugin and connecting to your account, is: On, select (beneath ‘My Sites’) the WordPress installation you’re looking to edit. Choose ‘Plugins’. Check ‘Autoupdates’ for every plugin. Done! Use Jetpack to automatically update y… Read more →

Stranger Type

‘Digitaal lettertype-archief’ Fonts In Use belicht de intro van Netflix-reeks Stranger Things. Dat de titel wel erg aan die oude Stephen King-boeken doet denken, wist je al, maar hoe zit dat nu echt? Read more →