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Meta Box’s MB Relationships—inspired by the very popular Posts 2 Posts—is a plugin that brings many-to-many relationships to WordPress, for when custom taxonomies (much like categories and tags) simply aren’t enough. Read more →

WooCommerce Order Status Choices

I recently put together a custom WooCommerce Payment Gateway that relies on quite a few external API calls, all of which—however unlikely—could possibly fail. If that was to happen, I asked myself, should I then mark the order ‘On-hold’, ‘Failed’, or simply leave it ‘Pending’? Read more →

Lightbox for WordPress

Update: I wanted to also be able to use this on random blogs lacking a custom theme, and ended up making it into the lightest Lightbox plugin ever. Some Background While I absolutely appreciate Jetpack and its myriad of features—Jetpack’s Protect, Publicize and Contact Form modules get used on nearly all projects of mine, and I use very few plugins—sometimes it’s just too much. Even if a project doesn’t actually need any of the goodies, I’ll ofte… Read more →

Composer (and Laravel) on Shared Hosting

Composer (and Laravel) on Shared Hosting

Got shared hosting with SSH access? Let’s get Composer up and running, the same way we did with WP-CLI. Getting Composer to Work Download the latest composer.phar en upload it to your host’s home directory. Or, better still, download it straight from the command line: cd curl -O Make the file executable: chmod +x composer.phar Define a composer alias in .bashrc: alias composer="~/composer.phar" Reload .bashrc: source .bashrc Et voilà! Installing… Read more →

Installing Bash on Ubuntu on Windows

Update: Nowadays, a simple visit to is enough. (This will open up the Microsoft Store with Ubuntu already highlighted. Simply press install, then launch the app, and you’re done.) Just FYI: this MSDN guide to installing Bash on Ubuntu on Windows. Also, if you’ve previously set up SSH under Windows and have your keys live in C:\Users\Username\.ssh, use Florian’s guide to symlink that folder to Linux’s ~/.ssh. Read more →

WP-CLI on Shared Hosting

Did you know you’re able to install the WordPress command line interface on your shared host—provided you’ve got SSH access? Even if you can’t move wp-cli.phar to your /usr/local/bin/ as per the official installation instructions, you can still set up an alias for the wp command in .bashrc. Installing WP-CLI Start off—as per the manual—by simply downloading WP-CLI. cd curl -O Verifying… Read more →