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On Web Development, WordPress, and More

Owning My Own Content

On owning his own content, Tim writes: Instead of posting to Twitter directly, I want to use my site as the hub for that content and let Twitter feed off of that. Of note as well: the great Jeremy Keith explains how his personal site interacts with the rest of the web. Read more →

Freaks and Geeks

Forget Stranger Things, at least for a while. The very best TV show set in the ’80s is 1999’s Freaks and Geeks. Not only did it launch the careers of Jason Segel, James Franco and Seth Rogen, it’s funny as hell, too. Bonus points for featuring Californian punk rockers Diesel Boy in ‘punk’ episode 16—which didn’t even air during Freaks and Geeks’ initial run on NBC (the show originally got canceled after a mere 12 episodes). Read more →

Clear Floats in WordPress

Clear Floats in WordPress

Editing WordPress pages, I often float images left or right so that text flows nicely around them. Sometimes, though, I—or my less tech-savvy clients—want the next paragraph to start below the floated image, also if that image happens to be ‘too tall’. (Note: I was hoping Gutenberg would somehow turn this into a non-issue, but alas.) A CSS-only solution is possible, but will clear every paragraph within a post: .entry-content p:after { content: ""; display: table; c… Read more →

Conditionally Disable a WooCommerce Payment Method

Conditionally Disable a WooCommerce Payment Method

A client recently asked me to create a custom payment gateway for WooCommerce Subscriptions, but disable it for regular products. While I had left out ‘products’ from the WC_Payment_Gateway supports property, the payment method would still show up on checkout, even if the shopping cart contained nothing but regular products. I thus had to actively remove it from the available payment methods. Thanks to the woocommerce_available_payment_gateways filter hook, though, doing so is easy e… Read more →


So, I’ve decided to move things around a bit. From now on, this very site will be where I write about web development (and a few other things). My slightly more professional, client-facing website will continue to exist, too, but it’ll be geared toward a less tech-savvy audience. I think this approach—two ‘somewhat niche’ sites rather than one that tries to be everything—will make for a much improved visitor experience. On a side note: I’ve recently dele… Read more →