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On Web Development, WordPress, and More

Hi there! I’m Jan, a thirtysomething mechanical engineer, freelance web developer, and web standards, WordPress and Laravel enthusiast from Belgium, and this is my personal blog.

A Notes Section

I’ve added a Notes section to this blog. ‘Notes’—not unlike my longer ‘articles’—are simply WordPress posts, but carry a ‘status’ Post Format. What’s more, though, is that as soon as I hit publish, they’ll also appear on Mastodon and Twitter (a form of POSSE). Read more →

WordPress Post Formats in Corcel

Corcel is a Laravel package that greatly simplifies pulling data from a WordPress database. Using it feels somewhat like—and at the same time completely different from—using WP_Query. One thing I—a rather inexperienced Laravel user—struggled a bit with, though, is fetching posts by Post Format. Here’s how it’s done. Read more →